La Poesía Dice “Beep-Beep”

Ronovan Décima Poetry Challenge #14
“Bird” In A rhyme line


La Poesía Dice “Beep-Beep”

In the comics beep-beep is heard
Just two words and the hero’s found.
With a roadrunner’s trademarked sound
Coyote is shaken and quite stirred

In the comics there is a bird
Known for agility and speed,
He fights for justice, never greed.
Acme’s anvils and TNT
Always ordered by the coyote
Will never work that’s guaranteed!

                                   ©2020 cj holm

“Décima” (also known as Espinel) is a Spanish style or form of musical poetry that contains 10 lines of eight syllables.
The style has a rhyming pattern of abbaaccddc. Sometimes you break the stanza up in abba/accddc.
The abba/accddc requires either a period or semicolon after the fourth line break.