Feather of Crystal Flakes

A gentle snow is falling this morning, adding to the winter’s art.

Words and Image ©2017 - Clarence Holm

Words and Image ©2017 – Clarence Holm

White desert landscape
Creation of wind and snow
Behold nature’s touch

Beauty hidden below it
In feathers of crystal flakes

                                     -Clarence Holm
Ormsby – Looks good in the morning

Ronovanwrites Challenge 79 Crystal Hope

Haiku Quintation


splash from bluefin leap
spread shards of azure crystal
hope for fishing fleet


All my hope was gone
With the sound of crystal crash
Mom’s favorite bowl


Zelda’s dreams of love
Included crystal jewels
Hope’s eternal fool


hope of wealth is gone
what looked like diamond crystal
bits of glass instead


God’s Gift of Hope
under Wisemen’s crystal star
born to us this day

-Clarence Holm