Dance With Me

Created for Susi Bocks Challenge


Here in this orchard
won’t you come to dance with me
and share my sweet fruit

                                              -CJ Holm

IWH weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge 33 – August 20, 2019

I couldn’t resist adding some dream elements to the B & W image you (Susi) provided



Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #132 – Flame/Kiss

“Burning Desire”
Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer

A kiss dreamt at night
Erotic spirits twirl round
My souls dancing flame

                                   -Clarence Holm

Ormsby – We aspire for average!

Footsteps of the Soul

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge 124 – Dream/Dare


Pinterest Image

Primal drummer sound
A warrior call to dare
-Heartbeat of a dream

                                              -Clarence Holm


“Ormsby – Still here today!”


Spirit Light

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Flash/Dance

Rippling northern night
Ends with final flash of green
-vernal dance to spring

Aurora Borealis
Dawn of the north, spirit light

-Clarence Holm