Haiku Challenge 364 (6/28/21)

The challenge is to create a Haiku utilizing this week’s words
Ronovan Writes Haiku 364 – Tender / Who

On the journey’s edge
are nightshade’s tender blossoms
-who would question those

Beauty, danger lay in wait
Daily choices tempting fate

                         ©2021 cj holm



Just Before

For those who have experience mid-west winter weather, you’ve learned that December warm fronts proceed killer blizzards. Legendary storms stories always begin with “It was a warmer than normal start to the day!”


Words and Image ©2017 Clarence Holm

December fog drifts
over the freshly tilled field
-nature seems wary

Just before the winter storm
Gives this last taste of autumn

                                    -Clarence Holm