In the river valley below the dam, I spent days watching the lazy river’s current, while my thoughts went out to play…

Sun-bleached signs along the trail
Timbered shadows surround me
Songbirds call to find their mate
Forest chorus rejoices.

Tufts of grass provide my chair.
Far river rock my target.
Toss out my silver lure,
A bamboo pole restrains it.

Deepwater in this creek,
A hidden world below.
Minnow play around my bait,
Small memories from that time ago.

                                     ©2018 cj holm

Memorial Day

I drive extra slow while on cemetery lanes
Pausing every so often with thoughts I maintain.
Just names and two dates summing up someone’s life,
Beginning and ending; a father and his wife.

Too much to say with chisel and rock,
Thousands of moments, more than just one talk
Action and words often would cause a tangle
Necessity and words strike at hard obtuse angle.

A string of life’s moments, all decisions made,
Held tight in memory to serve as my aide
A push and a pull will help steer my way,
A head full of memories to help me this day.

– Clarence Holm



Frost heaved remnant out on the plain,
Exposed to the weather and pounded by the rain.
Some sedimentary rock, from the bottom of a sea
Rose in swales to be collected as debris.

Senseless journeys that churn the soil,
They leave no trace and are absent turmoil.
They anchor the prairie and provide an edge,
For life seeking substance, boldly claiming a hedge.

A witness to history, silent and strong
An observer half buried, no right and no wrong.
Wind and rain work eons shaping a face
That speaks no words to spoil the place.

– Clarence Holm



Will I create a difference?
Can I alter anyone’s experience?
When I leave today will it matter?
I hope at least I’ll be a factor.

Questions of a life’s existence,
Of whether to provide assistance.
Or should I rather be judged
On if heaven’s scales were even budged.

Corporate schemes all contend,
A person’s a person, most easy to bend.
The worth of one is nothing more,
Then the space one takes within the corps.

Devalued beings fill those ranks,
Of mindless stiffs who act as planks.
Detach yourself from that role
Open your heart and save your soul.

– Clarence Holm


Waiting For Love Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer

Waiting For Love
Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer

– Clarence Holm

Suzanne was my friend
And once in a while we’d pretend
That it was more than it could ever be

Her eyes were denim blue
And her hair seemed a bit askew
But it fit her features very well

We played records and hummed along
Our days revolved around the songs
And dreams wandered days without end.

We held hands through the night
Soft touches were sweet delight
So many thought of us a pair.

Life was easy and we flew
Many moments – no review
Pleasant flashes of a life.

But secrets held from our sights
Complicated thoughts, imagined slights
Heartaches crashed into our affection.

Thoughts and songs of life’s extremes
Are only pieces of wishful schemes
In the end it was more than it could be.

And I left her standing there
Her denim eyes and curly hair
And softly dreams come to end.

Garden Fairyland

Mary's Garden Fairyland

Mary’s Garden Fairyland

– Clarence Holm

Mary tends a fairyland,
It’s her duty to defend.
She digs and plants to make it grand,
Cause a pixie is her friend.

She hasn’t ever seen the girl
But she knows when she’s been there.
She thought she glimpsed a golden curl
While breathing night time air.

Now if you don’t care to believe in sprites,
I’m sure they won’t be annoyed.
It’s just one part of a summer’s delights
Pleasant dreams to be enjoyed.

Release The Gnomes


By Clarence Holm

Northern days are lasting longer,
Summer’s rays are getting stronger.
Winter’s fading, the sky is clear,
Release the gnomes, our summer’s here!
Packs of seeds sent through the mail
Plucked periodicals, our dreams detail.
Black loam is turning, planting time’s near
Release the gnomes, our summer’s here!
Visions of vistas once locked in our head
Fields of blossoms soon will be spread
Streams of fragrance, flowers veneer
Release the gnomes, our summer’s here!
Spring time cries, it forces rains.
Uttering sprouts, the earth sustains.
Boasts of flora, sweet visions held dear,
Release the gnomes, our summer’s here!