The Data Breach


To My Senators and Representatives:

I am a victim of Equifax’s inept management.

Because of their lack of oversite, I will spend years worrying about potential fraud in all of my current and future financial accounts.

Equifax has provided no answers and worse yet does not seem to really care about me.
I believe they should bear the cost of making my life whole again.

At the same time, how can I be assured that the other two credit companies (TransUnion and Experian) are not vulnerable to the same type of financial hacks?

I believe The Senate and The House need to convene hearings involving all three credit bureaus. If fines are in order, they should be paid directly to consumers that were affected.

Immediate action is needed, I have heard that in order to sign up for company provided protection I must waive my right to pursue due recourse. I believe this is an abuse of power and provides proof that the company is not acting in the best interest of the millions of consumer that were harmed.

-Clarence Holm