Empty Nest

The Nest

I see you, now that the leaves are stripped
Resting on the middle branch
Exposed to wind, but holding steady
Empty as the flocks are gone.

A vacant home, now just a resting place
For winter’s backyard travelers.
Just sticks and twigs, stuck on a branch
No speckled orbs to guard.

It’s vacant now awaiting spring
When life will return to green.
Filled with down, soft and warm
Hidden once more to me.

-Clarence Holm

Seasonal Renewal

I woke up the morning expecting the trees to be completely stripped by the sustained 40+ mph winds we had in the region yesterday. Much to my surprise, the fall colors are brighter than ever. It seems all the softwood trees (like cottonwood) had their dull brown and tan leaves knocked off. Now only the deep greens, Reds, yellows, and scarlets are left.

It’s like the whole season has been renewed.

I think it is time to harvest the Honey Crisps apples and pick up some pumpkins… It’s hayride time again!

North Dakota Harvest

September 26th, 2015 Just northwest of Thompson, ND. Harvesting beans and corn