Haiku/Senryu Challenge (3/30/20)

And the times, they aren’t changing!

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 299 Bright / Fight

Historic caning
brutal political fight
-In bright marble halls

                                       ©2020 cj holm
Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge (3/30/20)



Quadratum Altare (Square Altar)

A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.
– Napoleon Bonaparte

Painful Memories No Winners That Night!

– Clarence Holm

They fought wildly that night
Fists clenched, eyes shut so tight.
A schoolyard challenge had been posted,
In reply to secretive thoughts – boasted.

Young men driven by urge
Punching each as tempers surge.
Broken noses, bloodied eyes
Till one finally – refuses to rise.

Pride was the token offered for pain
Classmates cheering, the words profane.
Ring men assisting, pushing them forward
Ear split open, pain ignored.

Blood splattered offering late last night
Primal compulsions were at the fight.
Squared ring altar, arm held upright
Victor is crowned, madman’s delight.