The World Needs More Poets


To My Wife’s Grand Niece, Sidney Rose (Who Wants to Be a Poet) –

The World Needs More Poets

I heard from a number of people,
How you like to make your verses sing
And how you like to arrange the words
So your stanzas all seem to ring.

You select the perfect words
And seek a friendly rhyme,
In your playful child’s garden
Where flowers bloom all the time.

And in those magic moments
Contained within your rhymes
I hope you keep your happy self
And share her all the time!

Writing poetry is a gift
That comes from heaven above,
Your rhymes can be your messages
To everyone you love.

-Clarence Holm

I Can’t Wait For That

Our Rockwellian Family

Our Rockwellian Family

A Thanksgiving Quintet

-Clarence Holm

baked giblet stuffing
cranberries on my turkey
such a special treat

friends round the table
faithful dog beside my feet
autumn’s chill outdoor

loosened belt buckle
mom’s potatoes and gravy
pie for after nap

dishes cleared away
boring football halftime show
sneak a piece of bun

cinnamon cider
hot apple pie with whipped cream
smiles share the table