Snooze Repose

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #142 – Spring/Fresh

Words and Image ©2017 Clarence Holm

In spring garden gnomes
Rise above last winter’s frost
Fresh faced in the light

Dew stained face found as he was
Slumber struck snoozing repose

                                                  -Clarence Holm

The Lepregnome’s Story

– Clarence Holm

Surrounded by green forest unseen in a lair,
My back bent crooked by toils and prayer.
For countless years I clawed at the ground,
Seeking great treasures though none were ever found.

While others were singing, and even made merry
I persisted in search with no time to tarry.
No pipe did I smoke, no lager I bought,
I stayed on my plan, no pleasures I sought.

Till finally one autumn a debt was paid
Precious golden treasure lay exposed in the glade.
I’d found the lode; it’s time for a celebration,
I push my cart, enjoying golden intoxication.

Gnome Renewal

My wife & I purchased this concrete gnome at a flea market, knowing that it needed a little tune up. One of my daughters was home from college and she took the project under her wing. Her vision a “Lepregnome”


Release The Gnomes


By Clarence Holm

Northern days are lasting longer,
Summer’s rays are getting stronger.
Winter’s fading, the sky is clear,
Release the gnomes, our summer’s here!
Packs of seeds sent through the mail
Plucked periodicals, our dreams detail.
Black loam is turning, planting time’s near
Release the gnomes, our summer’s here!
Visions of vistas once locked in our head
Fields of blossoms soon will be spread
Streams of fragrance, flowers veneer
Release the gnomes, our summer’s here!
Spring time cries, it forces rains.
Uttering sprouts, the earth sustains.
Boasts of flora, sweet visions held dear,
Release the gnomes, our summer’s here!