Where’s Waldo

Some of you may have notices that I have gone silent.

During the last month I’ve been called a “Libtard”, a Communist, a Socialist and a Child Molester. My Facebook friends list has shrunk by 75% and the number of people I’ve blocked has grown. I’ve stopped talking with relatives who have been divided into armed camps (or worse, those who have taken a “Pollyanna like” approach to life saying “Can’t we just get along”.

I am aware that most differences have two sides and you should respect others opinion, but when facts are ignored and truthfulness is forgotten, getting along become impossible.

I have a brother who lives in Canada who has been given a life “End Date”. Time is precious and it is slipping away because Covid divides us and there are idiots who are still going around saying Covid is a farce.

I am sitting in my home unable to go out to talk with the few friends whom I still wish to talk to. I am bitter, scared, frustrated, and angry. I no longer “go to coffee”, attend church, or go to community meetings. I am starved for human contact.

I guess I just haven’t been in the mood to write lately! Turns out Haiku poetry is really a bridge to far for me.