The Augmentum

The Augmentum (A Flash Fiction based on Ronovans Friday Fiction Challenge #5)

Tonight Zachary, on the occasion of your 15th birthday, it is my responsibility to tell you a little bit about your future. It is the same information I received, on a night just like this, 110 years ago. It is a story of a time when life could be cruel, when misfortune and disease were everyday occurrences.

Many, many years ago, the world was a much different place. While everyone worked hard, chance ruled people’s lives. Today we live in a time when there is no sickness! Our society has eliminated disease and with it, most of the poverty on earth. At one time though, not everyone had access to health; they were at the mercy of whatever illness they encountered. Sickness spread with terrifying speed, consuming families and friends. People lived shortened lives and those who survived, ended their final years crippled and in pain.

Scientists looked for answers. At first they considered medicines to treat disease and while it extended the lives of some, not everyone had access to them or could afford them. To make matters worse, the treatment did not always work and eventually lost all ability to handle the problem. As soon as one found a solution to an illness, another problem took its place. Mankind struggled endlessly and so many lives were lost too early.

It was almost by accident that we learned the secret to health. External methods would not heal sickness; the power was within. Actually the Ancient Ones knew it long ago.

Many religions spoke of the “One”, but scholars mistakenly assumed that the One was a separate higher being. It was only after we understood the significance of the “Sixth Sense” that we began to understand that we are truly one. Once we gained control of ourselves, we were able to utilize that portal connection. We began to combine our thoughts and harness that power for good.

Unfortunately to truly join in the one, a person had to sacrifice self. While everyone was willing to do this, mankind realized that to continue our growth, we needed to bring order to the procedure.

Man decided that each individual would live as a singular until their 125th year. At that time, they would relinquish their self and combine their experience with the one. The name given to this unification of minds was the Augmentum.

To help ease the pain of not being able to be part of the one, people who are singular have perfect health, allowing them to devote their time to study and creativity. At their chosen time, they would bring their learning and experience with them to the One.

So Zachary as you now enter your 110 year period of the singularity, I have finished mine. While you are beginning your search for knowledge, I have ended mine. I yearn to join my fellows and link with them forever, protecting you and your children’s children.

Good luck Zachary, I will see you again soon.

-Clarence Holm