I Write Her Weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge #16

Susi Bocks Haiku/Senryu 5/7/5 Challenge

I hear

movement in the night
untouchable human form
pebbles tossed in pond

I feel

focused energy
light bound in an earthly form
beats within a song

I see

glimpse of pure beauty
that exist on natures edge
-meteors swift flight

-CJ Holm



Haiku Challenge (4/15/19)

Umpires piercing pitch
reflected games final tone
-Strike three, batter’s out!

There was no joy in Mudville
Mighty Casey had struck out*

-CJ Holm
*With apologies to Ernest Thayer
Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 249 Pitch / Tone
5-7-5 7-7