Bell Ringer

Ronovan Décima Poetry Challenge #22
“Blend” In the A rhyme line

Braving the cold by stores’ front end,
Faithful servant in Christmas corps.
Tattered coat hard to ignore,
Through rain and snow, he must contend!

Among shoppers, he doesn’t blend.
Seek pennies for smiles – fair exchange
Into his bucket, gathered change
Charities’ Christmas bell ringer.
Thru the season he will linger,
Gathering bits of your loose change

                                             ©2020 cj holm

Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 22 (BLEND) This week, it’s the A rhyme line.

“Décima” (also known as Espinel)is a Spanish style or form of musical poetry that contains 10 lines of eight syllables.
The style has a rhyming pattern of abbaaccddc. Sometimes you break the stanza up in abba/accddc.
The abba/accddc requires either a period or semicolon after the fourth line break.

Waiting for a Prompt

No prompt Labor Day
Left a hole in this haiku
So I took a nap

I know it’s a holiday
Just be thankful it’s just late

                                               -Clarence Holm


Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 165 Holiday/Late


Home For The Memories


Weary night-time travelers,
Headlights on snow packed roads.
Drive past cold farmer’s fields,
Faintly lit by northern sky.
Called home by bits of memories,
Warm feelings held deep inside.
Hoping to recapture.
Scenes of what used to be.
Patchworks of old memories
Stitched together in dreams

Candles placed by windows,
Visible from so far away.
Beacons of wishes,
Cast on starry nights.
Crying out to loved ones,
-Come home for the night.
If only it were yesteryear,
I’m sure we’d all be there.
But time has come between us
And some are no longer here.

We hold to dreams that bring us cheer,
And drive away those past-midnight fears
Recollections of special holidays,
That stretch across the years.

                                                 -Clarence Holm

“Ormsby – Little town with big streets!”

Holiday Greetings (Or Not)

“I’m Better Than You!”

If I receive one more message stating, “Rather than send out greeting cards (or presents) I’ve made a donation to a charity in your name.” I might just go out and buy a “Make America Great Again” hat!

This week I’ve received written letters, emails, and Facebook announcements from a number of businesses and/or private persons containing that announcement – and I wonder what could be their thought process?

Send or don’t send cards or presents if you like- it’s a personal decision, but don’t use it as a form of advertisement of some greater moral behavior. You apparently don’t like the practice, but please stop trying to have it both ways by sending public notices of not sending public notices.

If you find yourself sending out cards or presents for any other reason than that you enjoy making people feel good, you might want to check your motives. If you’re worried about a charity or a particular cause, send them a gift, but do it because you want to, not because you want people to notice your “selfless” act of charity.

I happen to enjoy sending out an annual Christmas greeting! What I don’t need is some “holier than thou” telling me that they don’t do cards or gifts anymore and I shouldn’t too.

To me the ultimate irony of that act is when some of the charities receive these cash donations; they end up using them to send out extra holiday cards — soliciting more money…

Happy Holidays
Clarence Holm


“Ormsby – We mind our business!”

Fractured Christmas Memories

The Way I Always Remembered It To Be!

(Midwest Lutheran Christmas Memories)

Come Join Us


Holly Jolly Christmas Eve Potluck and Candlelight Service
5:30 P.M. Thursday, December 24th 1968
Second Original Acts of Christ Church
Just down the street from the Hi-10 Bowling Alley
Pleasantville, USA

Candlelight Service Program

O Holy Night (Sung by the Women Choir and Quilting Circle)
Gospel (Luke 2)
Ave Maria (Performed by Holy Spirit Wind and Bugle Quintet)
Christmas Sermon “The Shepherd’s Lost Sheep” (Senior Pastor Leigh Olafson)
Communion (Open to all Good ELC Lutherans)
Second Grade Rhythm Band Performing Little Drummer Boy
(Verses 1,3, 4 & 5)
Must Be Santa (Guest Appearance by The First Lutheran’s “Men Holding Womens Purses”

Pastor’s Christmas Blessing
”Hallelujah Chorus” from Händel’s Messiah (Full Choir and Featuring the Soprano Talents of Charlotte Peterson)

Immediately following the service join us in the Lutheran Fellowship Hall for:

Holly Jolly Christmas Eve Potluck


Aunt Betty Olson’s Ultimate 12 Bean and Hamburger Hotdish
Josephine Torgerson’s Red and Green Shimmering Surprise
Joyce Anderson’s American Cheese Wrapped Cervelat Chunks
Justine Larson’s Swedish Meatballs Served with Mint Flavored Toothpicks
Ethyl Bjornson’s Scalded Milk and Oysters with Toast
Bonnie Gustofson’s Holiday M&M’s Mixed with Planters Salted Peanuts
Lois Goldenstein’s Cranberry and Ginger Ale Punch with ice cubes shaped like Christmas Bells
Coffee and Cookies served by the Ladies Prayer Circle

-Free Will Left on Entry Table-

Please note that the Men’s Service Unit 2 is responsible for putting away all tables and chairs this year while the women folk take care of the dishes.

(Please remember to label your casserole dishes so we know who did it.)

I Can’t Wait For That

Our Rockwellian Family

Our Rockwellian Family

A Thanksgiving Quintet

-Clarence Holm

baked giblet stuffing
cranberries on my turkey
such a special treat

friends round the table
faithful dog beside my feet
autumn’s chill outdoor

loosened belt buckle
mom’s potatoes and gravy
pie for after nap

dishes cleared away
boring football halftime show
sneak a piece of bun

cinnamon cider
hot apple pie with whipped cream
smiles share the table