The red fox is bold
in hunger driven daring
Tempting winter ice

                      -Clarence Holm
Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 178 Bold / Daring
Prompt words: Bold & Daring
Haiku in 5-7-5


Just a Position

A simple piece of granite in my front yard
Recently taken, positioned, and left for display.
Just one of many uprooted by a steel plow,
Lifted from the soil, collected, then moved away.

Eons of memory, long captured in the ground,
Deposited by glaciers and raised by winter ice.
Earth knew of your journey, the endless struggle below,
Summer’s thunder rumbled, lightning crackling advice.

A quiet commemoration now placed in the sun,
A story from the ages touched by a hybrid rose.
Positioned on a long green boulevard,
Example of perseverance, God’s stonework exposed.

-Clarence Holm