Haiku Challenge 252 Tinker / Tumble


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Calloused hands tinker
on tumbled and twisted pots
strike a cheerful tune

share a simple melody
give pleasure for those at work

                                          -cj holm

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 252 Tinker / Tumble

Prompt words: Tinker & Tumble
Haiku Tanka in 5-7-5 7-7



Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge No. 76

summer storm

“Summer Storm” Courtesy Stewart Glazer http://www.stuartglazer.com/New-Abstracts.html

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge 3/20/2018 Joy & Fury – Synonyms Only

moment of passion
under burning summer’s spell
-forbidden delight

focused dance – primeval thirst
heartbeat pounding afterglow

                                            -cj holm
Per Colleen’s Tanka Challenge, I chose delight and passion as my synonyms for joy & fury
(Haiku Form 5-7-5 5-5)


Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 76: joy & fury (#SynonymsOnly)


Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #106 Sing/Flower


Photo Credit -Clarence Holm

Blossoming flowers
Allow us to sing along
To soft petal chords

Then dance with beauty’s spirit
And savor earth’s time of joy

-Clarence Holm



The Music of Life

"Autumn Sonata" Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer www.stuartglazer.com

“Autumn Sonata”
Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer*

Each note you hear makes up part of the song you sing,
Resonance builds the structure, while dissonance shapes the tone.
No matter the noise you make, music is in everything
Whether you are part of the chorus or singing on your own.

-Clarence Holm


*Stuart Glazer had the unfortunate assignment of trying to teach me music theory in college. While my desire was deep, my talent unfortunately wasn’t, but I am forever grateful that while he was unable to draw blood from a deaf turnip, he did manage to give me an appreciation of the harmony around me.
I feel privileged to be able to share his artwork with you in this blog.