Me Too


Force et Beauté – Courtesy Stuart Glazer

To live inside your secret world
You care most what people think of you.
You hide the hurts, abuse, and jeers
From those who you hope review.

Your dreams and goals are set aside
To serve this cultures’ wishes.
The slights, the pokes and the lurid jokes,
Meant to diminish your noble senses.

Each day you set out to achieve,
Though secretly wishing for acceptance.
But as you push your dream harder each day
It seems you’re not given a chance.

Someday you’ll see it’s never enough,
To live your life for a selected special few.
Stop selling your passion and your goals
Just to be another forgotten who.

             -Clarence Holm

Far Away

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #129 – Feel/Space


Image & Words ©2016 – Clarence Holm

We’ve reached out at night
Searched faraway stars in space
To feel less alone

                                     -Clarence Holm


“Ormsby – There is no “O” in Uff-Dah!”


dark hall

I’m alone in deserted house
A room full of nothing, just echoes of a soul.
Shadows in the darkness, feelings of dread
No warmth around me, cold thoughts in control.

Pulse pounding terror flowing from my heart,
Tear streaked trepidation cold shaking hands.
Senses reeling seeking to light the space
Trusting nothing, no one understands.

No use in screaming – I’m here all alone
Facing walls of terror slashing at the air.
A dream played in darkened room
I’m betrothed to aceless solitaire.

-Clarence Holm