Love’s First Spell

It was on an evening hayride
We were snuggled deep in straw
Our blankets were wrapped together,
As the wind was bitter and raw.

We traveled with the moonlight
As our heartbeats struck a single beat.
The revelers alongside us
Seemed to melt away- discrete

Her hair touched my cheek softly,
As we crossed a darkened road.
I brushed aside stray snowflakes
From red cheeks exposed to cold.

I think about that special night
When first loves was in the air.
In time I’d learn that love was fleeting
For those just learning to care.

I wonder where she is tonight,
I hope she’s doing well.
That though the year have come and gone,
I’ll remember young love’s spell.

-Clarence Holm

Shattered Dream

Fractured Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer

Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer

Broken glass spread about the floor,
Mixed with the whiskey dispensed with a pour.
Angry words tossed with a blow,
Hurts once contained, now out of control.

Liquor’s prisoners doomed to repeat
Nightly scenes – far from discreet.
High school sweethearts sworn to each other-
Look what they’ve done to one another.

Once young lovers grown bitter and old,
Harboring resentment of a love gone cold.
Dreams fueled by doubles night after night,
Crushed by reality at daylights sober sight.

Shattered memories of times long ago,
Swept up in pieces, broken status quo.
Memories of lovers now torn apart,
Just hurt feelings and long damaged hearts.

– Clarence Holm