Individuality and Growth

-Clarence Holm

– Disputing Saxon White Kessinger

If one subscribes to the philosophy that everyone is an individual, with different strengths and weaknesses, then one must also agree that if someone is considered replaceable they are not being effectively exploited in an organization.  In order to maximize ability, performance should constantly be adjusted to changing circumstances.

To achieve a consistent level of output, an organization can choose to be throttled to only allow the weakest piece of equipment to function at its maximum. While this might yield consistent performance, it will never allow an organization to exceed its governed potential.

Individual performance should run at different rates allowing for increased potential to be maximized. If a piece of the organization seeks to slow the process, rather than allowing deceleration, more resources should flow to that area to allow unrestricted production.

Successful organization should continuously identify choke points and work to enhance the weakest area. Growth is a symptom of an aggressive company, while stability, while at first glance, seems desirable,  signals a weak organization.

While some would point to the poem of “The Indispensable Man” where a man’s hand in place in the water as proof of concept. I would also remind you of the ostrich that puts its head in the sand to let the world pass it by.