I watch the daily news and am rocked by what has become a public exposition of bad behavior. People I’ve long recognized have had their business, civic, and personal lives subjected to dark charges, speculations, and criticisms – much of it admittedly deserved. Some have been widely admonished, while others have been elevated to the highest office in the land.

It is mystifying, to say the least!


A touch remembered, than exposed
Bits of behavior, dark vengeance supposed.
Images constructed on public words and deeds,
Toppled by memories of a person’s buried needs.

Understanding actions, what was at the core
Revised reminiscences of what went on before.
What they were, and what was built
Now under judgement, damning hidden guilt.

Should we join the crowd and help cast stones
Punish hero’s foibles that were previously unknown.
Separate actions from what went on before
Or simply tar & feather to even out the score.

Who controls the scarlet letters, awarded for a life
Sanctimonious judgements applied with a crooked knife.
Vengeance is an answer that some say is best serve cold
Consider forgiveness as an option most consider it gold.

-Clarence Holm

Me Too


Force et Beauté – Courtesy Stuart Glazer

To live inside your secret world
You care most what people think of you.
You hide the hurts, abuse, and jeers
From those who you hope review.

Your dreams and goals are set aside
To serve this cultures’ wishes.
The slights, the pokes and the lurid jokes,
Meant to diminish your noble senses.

Each day you set out to achieve,
Though secretly wishing for acceptance.
But as you push your dream harder each day
It seems you’re not given a chance.

Someday you’ll see it’s never enough,
To live your life for a selected special few.
Stop selling your passion and your goals
Just to be another forgotten who.

             -Clarence Holm