T For Shrew

R.I.P. Little Shrew

R.I.P. Little Shrew

– Clarence Holm

Our neighbor’s first twins found a token
Of our tom cats instinctual prowling
And though his actions were left unspoken
It did explain the previous night’s howling.

The neighbor’s second set, who are not quite three,
Were also drawn to the rodent’s cadaver.
Although for adults it was plain to see,
This shrew had certainly lost his swagger.

Cold and stiff, the corpse drew a crowd
Of other kids who joined the mourning.
A hole was dug, the children bowed
And a cross was placed this morning.

To end the scene some words were said
That was part of his final requiem
And although fame appeared quite widespread-
In truth “This shrew, we never knew him.”

Requiem For A Rodent

R.I.P. Little Mouse – 10/31/2014

-Clarence Holm


It wasn’t really a gun salute
That proclaimed the rodent death
But the snap that rang out left no refute
This mouse was out of breath.

Of course, twas the peanut butter they said,
That caused his rather quick demise.
It tempted his palate, and then to his dread
The clapper hit square between his eyes.

In the end the mouse was left eternally
Reposed with ripened fragrant trash.
A place of dreams, a mouse buffet
Left out for his ethereal bash.

Waiting For A Mouse


– Clarence Holm

I’ve haven’t exactly seen a pest,
But I know that they’ve been here.
Corners and cracks provide places to nest
Till sentries squeak all’s clear.

Scrawny flea-bit, hairy nemesis
Bent on avoiding winter’s might.
They infest my walls and crevices
Much to their delight.

These cheeky whiskered vermin
Scamper brazenly on the floor.
They set their goal and determine
Which foods will feed their corps?

I’ve convened a high level summit,
With my furry feline friends.
Shared campaigns of those we’ve hunted
In the homes we did defend.

Beside the cats, I deployed a trap
In hopes a mouse will be ensnared.
I baited the catch with a cheesy scrap
The hammer is prepared.

I’ll sleep tonight, I’m well equipped
To defend my cozy lair
Perchance this night he’ll follow the script
In which case, I’ll end it with a prayer.