Furline Purrtrait

Charlie the Cat Black & White Photo by Clarence Holm

Charlie the Cat
Black & White Photo by Clarence Holm

Feline vessel wrapped in fur,
Cantankerous weapons armed with claws.
A life seeking snacks, willing to purr
Unwilling servant, not subject to laws.

A life with a purpose
Daily beginning and nightly end.
Driven to nocturnal discourse,
A scented territory to defend.

Pheromone enhanced nasty chemical war
Applied by rubbing, touching and odiferous spray.
Marking a boundary as curious cats explore
Continuously prowling for mice or some similar prey.

Distracted by red lights, focused on a wall
Battery powered lazer, activated on a whim
Human intervention, flashing an electronic cat call
Whimsical interaction entertainment for him

Kibble stuffed tabby, lying on his back
Nap powered tiger, resting it seems
Conserving energy, but planning an attack.
Muscle twitching tails, signaling his dreams.

– Clarence Holm