A Journey Across The Grassland


Running to the horizon
I followed the whistling wind
Passing boulders on hillsides
That witnessed countless morning suns.

I listened to distant echoes
Of thunder struck long ago,
Captured in dark, deep valleys
Carved by summer storms.

Forests of cottonwoods
Giving shelter to life
Reaching to the heavens
While dancing in the breeze.

The story of the prairie
Surrounds me through the day.
A journey across the grassland
Shared by all who came this way.

-Clarence Holm

Only The Best

– Clarence Holm

Summer zephyr swirling, spinning, seeking to bend
Young saplings on the rocky edge of the alfalfa field.
Roots grasping the dry topsoil long enough to send
A tap root into the moisture before the lips are sealed.

Toads dig into the earth seeking moisture to make mud
For dirt cocoons built to save their life.
Trusting that water will come, like the savior’s blood
Releasing grateful creatures from the sun’s strife.

Wilted sweet corn barely past knee high
Scanning the horizon and listening to that breeze
Hoping to see rain clouds piercing the blue sky
Allowing golden corn before an early fall freeze.

Life seeks a balance between rain and sun
Testing resilience and sparing the best.
Pushing those that won’t be undone
Those hardy souls, that passed the test.