See Me


I am older now since we’ve seen each other
But the passion is still inside.
I walk a little slower now,
My hands tremble as I stride.

The years passed so quickly,
Since those years long ago.
Sweet music then filled my heart and soul
And life was filled with goals.

I followed lanes of promised glory
That turned hollow and seemed cursed.
Any success I found left me cold
Thin wrappers that failed to warm.

Choices made so long ago
Obscure what could have been.
I’d rather you remember me
By how happy we were then.

-Clarence Holm

Shattered Dream

Fractured Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer

Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer

Broken glass spread about the floor,
Mixed with the whiskey dispensed with a pour.
Angry words tossed with a blow,
Hurts once contained, now out of control.

Liquor’s prisoners doomed to repeat
Nightly scenes – far from discreet.
High school sweethearts sworn to each other-
Look what they’ve done to one another.

Once young lovers grown bitter and old,
Harboring resentment of a love gone cold.
Dreams fueled by doubles night after night,
Crushed by reality at daylights sober sight.

Shattered memories of times long ago,
Swept up in pieces, broken status quo.
Memories of lovers now torn apart,
Just hurt feelings and long damaged hearts.

– Clarence Holm

Requiem For A Rodent

R.I.P. Little Mouse – 10/31/2014

-Clarence Holm


It wasn’t really a gun salute
That proclaimed the rodent death
But the snap that rang out left no refute
This mouse was out of breath.

Of course, twas the peanut butter they said,
That caused his rather quick demise.
It tempted his palate, and then to his dread
The clapper hit square between his eyes.

In the end the mouse was left eternally
Reposed with ripened fragrant trash.
A place of dreams, a mouse buffet
Left out for his ethereal bash.