Anger Drives The Hot Flames Around

Décima Poetry Challenge

The “Décima” is a Spanish style or form of musical poetry that contains 10 lines of eight syllables. The style has a rhyming pattern of abbaaccddc. You can break the stanza up in abba/accddc.

Ronovan’s challenge is to put “Next” or its synonym In the B rhyme spot
I chose Next=Then


After the riot smoke blocks the sun
City in shambles, questions then.
What causes this, time and again?
We search for answers, there are none!

Crowd seeks justice for everyone
Questions are asked but nothing’s found
Lost hope’s a feeling that’s profound.
Standing on rubble filled with pain
Mob seeks a villain – hate remains
Anger drives the hot flames around

                                      ©2020 cj holm





County Fair

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #103 Summer &  Fun

©2016 - Clarence Holm

©2016 – Clarence Holm

Dusty summer roads
passing thru the prairie fields
on the way to fun

lots of pink cotton candy
barker’s taunts and spinning rides

-Clarence Holm