Karol Bak – oil on canvas

Kafkaish image
of soul’s transition from life
-Angel or devil?

                                     -cj holm

I post therefore I make mistakes… Got a problem with that!

Some of you may know that I took early retirement from my marketing position due to health issues.
Years of pressure and stress has taken its toll on me. While I survived a major stroke a number of years ago, I still suffer from manageable Aphasia and memory loss problems. This was recently amplified by heart issues resulting in a triple bypass.
I resigned my position because I could no longer trust what I thought I was saying or writing was accurate.
I started writing Haiku and Senryu because they allowed me to work in a smaller format. I find it is too easy for me to get lost in my words when writing longer posts. The freedom from word count, rhyming, and rules that the forms offer, suits me
So if you observe me omitting words or notice I make multiple corrections to my posts, just chalk it up to someone who will never be a professional writer and just wants to share his thoughts.

Dance With Me

Created for Susi Bocks Challenge


Here in this orchard
won’t you come to dance with me
and share my sweet fruit

                                              -CJ Holm

IWH weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge 33 – August 20, 2019

I couldn’t resist adding some dream elements to the B & W image you (Susi) provided



Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 266 Twisted / Cross


Bee’s on twisted path
cross wild flowers and sharp thorns
thoughts turn to honey

                                       -CJ Holm
Haiku/Senryu Challenge (8/12/19)