Haiku/Senryu 4/4/2019



As the springtime warms
the aggie and cat’s eye roll
on the playground grass


Just five inches down
a layer of frost remains
holding back the bulbs


two robin’s spring bath
splash water from garden pond
full of melted snow


On my neighbor’s porch
a plastic Easter lily
usurps Santa Claus


Little girls red boots
running from boys holding worms
-pure squealing delight

– CJ Holm

Spring (3/27/2019)

The warm wind pulls me
                        out into the springtime sun
                                                     looking for lilies

                                                                                 -CJ Holm

Haiku Challenge (3/25/19)

alfalfa Field

-Art Credit- Julie Ford Oliver: The Alfalfa Fields https://juliefordoliver.blogspot.com/2012/01/alfalfa-fields.html

soft narrow descants
sung by prairie meadowlarks
-gently minded breeze

alfalfa flavored dewdrops
sweeten springtime work of art

cj holm


Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 246 Narrow / Minded
5-7-5 7-7



Turning to Spring

As the snow melts, I can hardly wait for winter to be over!


In yellow flowers
a bumble bee sings his song
floating in the breeze


As I cut the grass
a leopard frog hops away
annoyed by the sound


dark clouds dim the sky
children struggle with swim towels
left on line to dry


Swallows dive at me
as I walk under their perch
warning me away


My pale arms and legs
provide a perfect target
for hot summer sun

                                       –cj holm