Cheap Whiskey With Water

Boogie Nights Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer

Boogie Nights
Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer

– Clarence Holm

Working for others, chasing whims and dreams
Drifting with visions, thinking impractical schemes.
Sipping cheap whiskey with water, singing a country song
Friendly recitations, sweet reveries prolong.

My thoughts kept churning in my head last night
Fleeing from nowhere, my directions weren’t right.
I had reached for stars but they’d slipped away
In searching for dreams, most thoughts had gone astray.

My life and my decisions hang with me today
Those choices, that Karma, are flowing my way.
An existence held prisoner by risk pushed aside
A lifetime full of pathways and doors left untried.

What a waste of a future, a fate left untested
A hardship, a friendship, risk left arrested.
A life of avoidance, a song with no dance
A boring existence – this adventure sans chance.

Unbeauty Triumph

– Clarence Holm

This morning…

I read Kurt Brindley’s blog concerning the quality of posts on Word Press verses other social media platforms (ie… Facebook, Twitter, etc).   I commented that “originality” counted more that “perfection” and he came up with a great creative quote-

“Original unbeauty trumps processed beauty… Always.”

Standing tall in the garden!

Standing tall in the garden!

I was struck by the concept of “unbeauty”. Is it the degradation of what once was or the promise of what’s to come? Can an object exist in parallel planes, declining and improving at the same moment?  Perhaps many life events have that quality, like a woman’s face during child birth – glowing and grimacing at the same instance. Or even the countenance of a dying creature staring death in the face and slowly releasing their pain.

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

~Khalil Gibran

Weathered Violet

Weathered Violet

I believe all things experience the same duality, as they progress through their season, both fading and flourishing through their lifecycle with even the tallest mountains experiencing expansion and contraction.

Fuchia Lament

Fuchia Lament

In the end, perhaps H. G. Wells had it right when he said,

“Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.” (A Whammo Solution)

In this new world order, featuring a shared economy, Whammo** introduces…


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Listings that don’t meet these criteria will be removed, such as:

  • Air power, Armed Forces or Naval Equipment intended for long term occupation (ten years or more, unless conflict is renewed by a new provocateur.
  • Any listing whose primary purpose is other than serving as threat removal

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** Whammo is a fictitious company and is not representative of any governmental body.

Pure Science


– Clarence Holm

For the past month I have been trying to get my head around Michio Kaku’s book “Parallel Worlds” published in 2005. It’s been tough sledding as each paragraph read is followed by an equal amount of time exclaiming “Huh?”

The idea of multiple dimensions, traversing black holes and entertaining the notion of time travel excites me. But the sheer immensity of thought needed to capture even a partial picture grounds my feeble imagination. I’m afraid the knowledge of Einstein along with contemporary Astronomers and Physicists will remain out of my grasp.

That being said, I did manage to find an application for quantum physics in today’s world of Facebook and Twitter. While e=mc2 represents relativity, I believe my theorem helps us to identify and categorize jerks in social media.

Let me introduce my “Universal Theory of A-Putz” ©2014 Clarence Holm


And it’s corollary:

(Praise ±(Urge/Talent×Zeal²))/Attention

or simply stated: P³=P²±{U/T×Z²})/(A͚)

First of all I need to set some parameters:

Zeal=Drive and Drive=Zoom ergo Zeal²=ZoomZoom.

Let me explain my thinking. Many individuals approach social media with a limited supply of talent at the urging of a girlfriend or maybe a drunken buddy. While wandering through the cyberworld they realize that there are a lot of these same type of people who share his core belief system. Together they amplify their message, no matter what type of outside influencers (good or bad) try to influence the group.

Sooner or later some of these “Zealants” ©2014 Clarence Holm are divided into groups that cater to that subset and maximize their pomposity.

I can only think of one resolution to this theorem.


This may be relying too heavily on Darwinism, but aren’t we all!

Twelve Feet is Less Than Eternity

All wound up and looking for trouble!

All wound up and looking for trouble!

Adventures On The Farm
-Clarence Holm
In the morning, we had fed the pigs, collected the eggs and run up the road to check for mail. By mid-morning we were slaying dragons and hunting wooly buffalo. The afternoon started with a circus, featuring the warted toads along with black and yellow salamanders we had captured near the well to be exhibited as wild animals. We loaded our side show into our red wagons, hooking them up to our bikes and trikes and held a parade. We sang “ta-da” and banged on the oil cans we used for drums.
For three young boys, ages 4, 5 and 9 we knew we had to keep busy. We had learned that people on a farm that didn’t have something to do, were given a job by my mother.
After an afternoon nap we were well rested, so we decided to go exploring and poking around through the old garage. Under a shelf we found a rusted hammer, with one claw snapped off. On the shelf was a can of used nails dad must have put aside to be straightened. Leaning against the wall was some old lumber that we knew could be built into something…
It was Jim, the eldest and most worldly that decided we would build an airplane. We had seen them fly over the farm many times and knew the basic shape. We needed two boards for wings, one longer than the other and a board for the planes body, big enough to hold one passenger. So we grab three boards, precut to length. We found a six-footer for the body with another the same length for the front wing and a four-footer that seemed just right for the tail.
With the nails we found in the shop, we pounded the ship together. It was Jim who remembered we needed to turn the plane over, allowing us to crimp the nails down. “That’ll make it extra strong” he said.
We dragged the plane out into the sun to do a final inspection. We had no wheels to put under it, but once it was flying it wouldn’t matter. 
We took turns climbing aboard imagining the flight. In our minds we soared up high and chased the crows from the sky. Our excitement really grew once we convinced ourselves that this plane could really fly. All we needed was a way to get it airborne.”If we could drag it up on the barn roof, I bet we could do loop de loops” I said. “I know I can fly it!” Eugene the youngest shouted.
“Because Eugene’s the youngest, he should be first.” Jim ruled. “But” he continued, “since he’s so small we should start off a smaller building- like the garage”.
With that bit of wisdom we agreed on a plan. We would climb up on the roof with the old wooden ladder, dragging the plane to the peak. There Eugene would climb on board while Jim & I would push as hard as we could to get him started. Eugene would slide down the roof, gaining speed and would soar off the garage roof out into the pasture where he could land safely.
Just a short test flight!
Next would be me, then Jim, who would go up on the barn for the grand finale. He planned to fly the plane over to our cousin’s farm and wave to them as they looked up in awe.
It was a grand plan – one of our best.
“Clarence” Jim said. “Grab the plane and head up the ladder, I’ll follow and push.”  With that we sprang into action and in no time all three of us were up on the garage roof gazing off into the wild blue yonder. Eugene was excited and wanted to go, but Jim had some last minute instructions. “Hold on tight and don’t fly to far, remember this is only a test flight.” Jim said.  Eugene nodded sincerely.
With a mighty 1-2-3 we pushed Eugene and the wooden airplane off the peak and down the roof.
It never really got going; in fact it skidded really slowly with Eugene bouncing it forward, urging the plane to the edge. As we watched it reached the edge and flopped slowly off the twelve foot drop, disappearing with a mighty crash.
When it didn’t reappear soaring into the sky, we ran to the edge and peered down at our brother- motionless. As we watched we heard him gasp, as if he was drawing in all the air in the world. We knew what was coming next; this was not our first adventure!
Eugene’s scream pierced that summer sky and reverberated off the barn. We knew we had to shut him up, before he attracted Mom. We clambered down the old ladder and ran up to Eugene. “Are you OK?” “Look at how far you flew!” “Do you want to go again?”
Confused at first, he struggled to his feet. After a moments silence he said. “Did you see me fly? I flew the plane, but now it’s all broken.”  Then he shouted out, “Should we find more wood to make another, so you two can have a turn?”
At that moment, Mom called, “Supper” and another day had ended.

Goldiva’s Flying Dream

– Clarence Holm

We recently set up our pond for the summer and added some goldfish to add some flashes of color to the water. Our pond has a recycling pump that shoots the water through a filter up into an upper pond, where it drains back down. Because the pond is a little smaller I did not put any fish in that level. Two days later while looking at the pond I noticed one fish swimming in the upper pond. The only thing I could figure out was that the fish had jumped from one level to the other

I thought about the will of the fish and imagined what might have inspired it.


Our Garden Pond

Goldiva the goldfish went round and round, twenty-four hours a day,
Her school swam right unceasingly, draped in glistening gold array.
If one slowed down, one sped up, to close up flaws in the rank
Precisely swimming, fins all churning, gently around the tank.
 Her school mates never shared their dreams much less even chattered
No plots were hatched, no songs were sung, play never mattered.
They swam their strokes; they pumped their gills, all in a similar manner
They kept in time; they cruised in line, like soldiers following a banner.
Goldiva kept up with the pace, but watched the waters around her.
And as she went around to the right, a pleasant eddy struck her.
A watery tap had struck a nerve and got her senses going
Next time around she traced the swale and saw the water flowing.
 A separate pond above her head had water gently pouring
Across an edge, it tumbled in, Goldiva’s heart went soaring.
If I could swim up in that pond, life wouldn’t be so arranged
I dreamt one day it could be that way if my fate could be so changed.
 Next time around she thrashed her tail and her stroke grew even quicker
Faster and faster on she went until her fins began to quiver.
Up she soared into the air; it felt as if she was flying
She flew so far she got her dreams; there would be no denying.
And as she opened up her eyes a world of wonder was around her
Things to see, places to go, and new fish surround like treasure.
Her school became a distant memory, as she quickly swam about,
Goldiva’s dreams were captured, once her plan was carried out.

Release The Gnomes


By Clarence Holm

Northern days are lasting longer,
Summer’s rays are getting stronger.
Winter’s fading, the sky is clear,
Release the gnomes, our summer’s here!
Packs of seeds sent through the mail
Plucked periodicals, our dreams detail.
Black loam is turning, planting time’s near
Release the gnomes, our summer’s here!
Visions of vistas once locked in our head
Fields of blossoms soon will be spread
Streams of fragrance, flowers veneer
Release the gnomes, our summer’s here!
Spring time cries, it forces rains.
Uttering sprouts, the earth sustains.
Boasts of flora, sweet visions held dear,
Release the gnomes, our summer’s here!