So Many Voices Fell Silent Last Night!

-Clarence Holm
So many voices fell silent last night
Did they feel the pain, did they see the light?
Was there a purpose, was it all planned
It really doesn’t matter – the motive be damned.

From high up above they fell from sight
Was there time to worry, say prayers and recite?
Did the killer tarry before he turned the switch
Or was it just another duty, done without a hitch.

Thousands of body pieces fell to earth from a flight
How in God’s name can that be called a fair fight?
Who made the decision to fire on a plane?
To act so heartless, and with complete disdain.

Our world is poorer because of last night
Another piece of freedom shredded in a proxy fight.
A senseless battle with no winners, nay no victors stand in sight
Just 300 bodies falling homeward, through the deep blue night.