Winter Warning

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 272 Empty / Whole

Nature’s frosty call
urge whole flocks to end their stay
-Autumn’s empty sky

                                    -CJ Holm
Haiku/Senryu Challenge (9/23/19)


Fall Finale

Reworked Rose Haiku from Yesterday’s post.

(We always think we could do better… until the “bitter frost”!)

Autumn’s sweetest rose
painted with blushing passion
before bitter frost

                                                -cj holm
Letzte süße Rose
-Mit rotem Feuer erblüht
Vor dem Winterfrost

1/12/2019 Haiku Trio

approaching sunset
the world grows so much colder
birds can’t bear to sing


coldest wintertime
is covered with morning frost
-future dreams below


gritty winter frost
covers the tall prairie grass
hiding shadow’s song

                                                        -cj holm


black erasing white
on the farmer’s fallow field
-crows return to nest


Empty winter perches
cast blue shadows in the snow
mice tunnel below


Buds on the dogwood
waiting for springtime to burst
-caterpillar sleep

                                               -cj holm