Zombie Attack Preparations

Zombie Attack Representative

Zombie Attack Representative

Important Information in Case of Zombie Apocalypse Attack

-Clarence Holm

You already know about the importance of having insurance to cover your home, your auto, and your business. However, there may be limitations or outright exclusions in your standard insurance policies that may deny you coverage against the potential dangers that may be lurking in your future, a future that is increasingly at risk because of Zombie based insurance exceptions.

For example, did you realize that the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) is a federal legislation signed into law on November 26, 2002 by George W Bush, (This law was created in a bi-partisan congressional effort and was designed to act as secondary coverage for primary insurance coverage that are associated with acts of terrorism. This law was set to expire in 2005 but has been renewed a number of time, the latest of which is set to expire again on the last day of 2014) has no automatic coverage associated with it in the event of a likely Zombie Apocalypse Attack.

Some are familiar with Woody Allen’s graphic portrayal in his movie of “Take the Money and Run” when the main character is accosted by what seems to be an aggressive life insurance salesman, carrying a briefcase (supposedly filled with insurance documents and pens). The salesman is depicted as offering a whole-life policy, but what about the protection of an after-life event?

While this at first glance appears to be a classic Hollywood oversight, it may be part of a systematic effort to deny coverage for you and your family.

There have been many examples government conspiracies that may or may not have any association with the risk of a Zombie Apocalypse. For example, The Philadelphia Experiment was intriguing experimentation to make warships invisible. Unfortunately the end result was disturbing rumors of men severely harmed in shocking ways. Another example would be Chemtrail Theories where clouds of suspicions remain about contrails appearing in near space. Details of the chemicals involved in these sightings, and the threats that they are designed for, have not been shared with the general public.

Another frightening aspect of deficient Zombie Apocalypse Attack coverage insurance is the lack of a systemized follow-up care for you and your family. The U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) has five guiding principles.

SBA is constantly prepared to respond
SBA is well-trained to respond
SBA response at higher post-disaster demands requiring a “One SBA”
SBA takes pride in quality assurance
SBA’s plans are coordinated with its’ government partners

While these guiding principles are designed to support reassuring outcomes, none of them address our imagined insurance dilemma!

What is needed in a Zombie Attack insurance is a customer-focused, protection-driven model of partnerships that combines timely decision-creation, utilizing available insurance resource language with government jargon which would then purport an instituted coverage for multi-lived individuals. This High Urgency Regulatory Team would develop an Enveloping Strategy. (Also known as a “Hurt Bag) Once in the “Hurt Bag” the Zombies would be contained until a disposal unit could be assembled.

This protection comes with a cost, in most cases a cost too high to be covered by one individual, family or business. That why insurance protection needs to be purchased to help you deal with a real attack situation.

Talk to a trusted quality Zombie-Attack Representative. Ask for a policy to protect you from the costs designed to supplement any “Hurt Bag” sponsored program.