To my children

Consider the world around us…

-Clarence Holm

I can’t help believe that God must have created a book, much like the thesaurus, that provides him with the infinite variations of life and thought that surround us. When one considers the vastness of the universe and realizes that it is just one of countless variations, I am awed.

To me, it would be incredible to believe that life survives without a supreme will. It is impossible for something as beautiful and intricate as music to exist and yet it is less complicated, by far, then the events that created the air we breathe.

To those that say there is no God, that we are a cosmic accident and we exist as the result of a fortuitous coincidence, I say you are deluded. For me the simplicity that surrounds us is proof of a controlling hand that put in place the events that allow us to succeed and yet have free will.

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