Go Easy On The Ketchup

– Clarence Holm

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of really nice and compassionate people on WordPress. People who are more than willing to listen to your stories, follow your progress and offer support. (Verbally at least, although I would venture to guess many provide financial support too.)

My question is why would anyone verbally trash anyone who is trying to be a supportive person? That type of behavior is beyond me.

Now I could understand, someone going after me with cheap shots, (expensive shots too I hope). My behavior in life has not been exemplary. In fact, if my better qualities were charted, I’m afraid they would, more often than not, fall into the “don’t” side.

When I am feeling a little down, I go to the WordPress Reader and browse the articles and the comments (especially the comments). Invariably I will come away feeling much better because of the feedback given by these members.

For me it’s like going to my in-laws – I know I am going to get hugged! It embarrasses me, it’s not something I would ever initiate and it’s certainly not something my German/Swedish heritage would endorse. But deep down I not only enjoy it, but I find myself kind of looking forward to it. (much like the hamburger hotdish)

So for anyone who cares to comment on my posts, go ahead. Just go easy on the ketchup

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