Unbeauty Triumph

– Clarence Holm

This morning…

I read Kurt Brindley’s blog concerning the quality of posts on Word Press verses other social media platforms (ie… Facebook, Twitter, etc). http://kurtbrindley.com/2014/10/20/you-know-i-pretty-much-live-in-the-wp-readers-writing-and-poetry-tags/   I commented that “originality” counted more that “perfection” and he came up with a great creative quote-

“Original unbeauty trumps processed beauty… Always.”

Standing tall in the garden!

Standing tall in the garden!

I was struck by the concept of “unbeauty”. Is it the degradation of what once was or the promise of what’s to come? Can an object exist in parallel planes, declining and improving at the same moment?  Perhaps many life events have that quality, like a woman’s face during child birth – glowing and grimacing at the same instance. Or even the countenance of a dying creature staring death in the face and slowly releasing their pain.

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

~Khalil Gibran

Weathered Violet

Weathered Violet

I believe all things experience the same duality, as they progress through their season, both fading and flourishing through their lifecycle with even the tallest mountains experiencing expansion and contraction.

Fuchia Lament

Fuchia Lament

In the end, perhaps H. G. Wells had it right when he said,

“Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.”

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