Décima Challenge #17

Ronovan Décima Poetry Challenge #17
“Prize” In D rhyme line
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Significance of D Rhyme Line

What can be said about Ronovan placing “Prize” in the D rhyme line? – Apparently a lot!

In summation word will stand alone,
Outcome of facts obtained before.
Its significance hard to ignore
In word play it’s hard to dethrone!
In rhyming scheme it is well known,
It’s not the first, second, or third,
An accumulation what’s occurred.
Now we don’t want to rhapsodize,
It is time to award the prize,
To say more would just be absurd.

©2020 cj holm


“Décima” (also known as Espinel) is a Spanish style or form of musical poetry that contains 10 lines of eight syllables.
The style has a rhyming pattern of abbaaccddc. Sometimes you break the stanza up in abba/accddc.
The abba/accddc requires either a period or semicolon after the fourth line break.

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