Stay – A Décima Love Song

Ronovan Décima Poetry Challenge #18
“Stay” In A rhyme line


Photo by Pixabay


Our time is ending won’t you stay?
There is so much left to explore.
Hopes and dreams of what is in store,
Don’t leave this moment slip away.

My hands are trembling, they betray,
That you’re thinking the same thing too.
Let’s leave nothing to misconstrue!
The fire is burning in the hearth,
Please stay by me and share the warmth.
There is so much that’s left to do.

                                                            ©2020 cj holm*

*Writer’s note – This is one poem that changed entirely as it was being written. At first, it was a beginning – Then it became an ending!

“Décima” (also known as Espinel) is a Spanish style or form of musical poetry that contains 10 lines of eight syllables.
The style has a rhyming pattern of abbaaccddc. Sometimes you break the stanza up in abba/accddc.
The abba/accddc requires either a period or semicolon after the fourth line break.


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